Auto Self Cleaning

Multiple Sensors

Ultra Quiet

Anti-Blockage Protection

Drawer Full Alert

Multiple Cats Use

Self Clean

Once cat exits the globe, system will commence clean cycle after 30 secs.

As it rotates, the waste clumps are sift out and deposited into the waste drawer whilst clean litter is funnel back for next use.

The entire clean cycle is approximately 90secs.

Spacious Interior

Large interior ensures adequate legroom and comfort for your cats.

Globe has a large 6 litres litter capacity thereby reducing the frequency of litter refill.


Control Panel 

Easy to use panel shows daily activity and allow users to select between the different modes and functions. 


Waste Bin  

This large bin can easily accommodate multi cats usage. Less frequent poo removal is also assured with this 9 Litres waste bin.  

Ambient Light

Warm cosy LED light improves visibility and ambience within vicinity. In addition, Light blinks to alert user when sensor detects the waste bin is full. 

Easy Clean

Top cover and inner globe can be detached from main body for rinsing or wash as necessary.

Safety Features 


Multiple Sensors

Multiple safety sensors are strategically positioned to ensure accurate detection and protection for your cats.   

Anti-Blockage Safety Pinch

Metal Pinch stops globe rotation when it comes into contact with any object along its cycle track preventing any harm to your cat. 

Auto Power Off

If the top cover is detached, the system will auto power off to prevent system damage and potential harm to cats.




Product Weight

Min Cat Weight

Max Weight

Waste Drawer

Litter Capacity


65 x 63 x 66cm

12 kg

1 kg

25 kg

9 L

6 L

12 v