Self Clean

Minimise Odor

Time Savings

Light & Compact

Spacious Interior


Whisper Quiet


1 Button Control

Safety Stop

Multiple Cats Use

Self Clean

Under 3 Minutes

Built-in sensor detects cat’s entry and activates clean cycle 30 secs after cat exit the globe
As the globe turns, waste clumps are sifted out and funnelled to the back waste bin
After 2 cycles, the globe returns to home position with a clean level bed of litter

Simple Design, Sturdy Built

Compact Size, Spacious Interior

Low Entrance Pedestal

Easily Accessible For Cats Of All Breeds and Age

Whisper Quiet < 40 decibels

Minimal noise emission. Suitable for the most timid of cats

Safety Features


Low CG design keeps the system stable and upright. Prevents  toppling over even with heavy weight shift.

Safety Stop

Globe stop rotation if sensor detects a cat entering the globe during mid cycle

Pet Proof Cable

Durable micro-braid power cable built to withstand pet bites and chewing. 

More Features

Litter Volume Indicator

Allows user to check their litter level and refill as necessary

Elevated Sifting System

Petree’s patented sifting system funnels waste clumps to the back waste bin 

Raised Pedestal

Raised pedal keep loose litter within the litter box minimising litter tracking

Waste Bin

Waste is funnelled to back of globe and housed in a 4L covered waste bin

Odor Control

Activated carbon filter and Waste Bin Lid prevent litter odor from spreading out into the open

Electronic Display

Easy to operate single button electronic display