MEET Automatic Self Cleaning Litter Cabin


  • Fully Automated Self Cleaning
  • Multi weight sensors – Accurate detection of cat’s entry/exit before activating cleaning cycle
  • How it Works – Once sensors detect cat has exit the globe, the clean cycle is activated. After 3 secs safety delay, globe commence its cycle where sifting system separate waste into contained drawer and return clean litter back to original position.
  • 90 secs Fast Cycle Time – Reduced odor by minimising waste exposure in the open
  • Spacious Globe Space – 6l cat litter capacity
  • Easy to Use Control Panel
  • Option to switch between Auto or Manual mode
  • Control Display shows count of daily use.
  • Safety Anti-Blockage Stop Feature – Globe stop cycle if it detects cat entry during mid cycle.
  • Warm ambient LED light
  • Drawer Full Indicator – Infra Red sensor to monitor waste level. LED light blinks to indicate drawer is full.
  • Large 9L waste drawer – Suitable for multiple cats
  • For 2 cats household – waste disposal every 4-5 days.
  • Product Wt 12kg
  • Minimum cat weight 1 kg

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Weight 12 kg


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